The Errant Moon – Character Creation

The Errant Moon is a dark fantasy series told from the perspective of three characters and when I say perspective I really mean straight from their minds and onto parchment. The idea is to convey each protagonist’s story through means of a notebook, a diary, and a thesis. The pages of each book will be added gradually and will one day form three complete tomes to read from start to finish.

Ever wondered what’s going through the minds of extras on your favourite films and television shows? Well, I’m working on a miniature series that takes these vital background performers and completely fabricates a story surrounding their personal lives and experiences on set. Think the aptly titled BBC series Extras by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant as a big source of inspiration, but that’s not all.

Adam and the Goat – A Novel

Coldblooded murder, insane legends, and extreme botany were not common phrases in Adam’s somewhat limited vocabulary. Sure, he’s got a comfortable job, lives in the city, and has everything a twenty-something bachelor could ask for. But unknown to Adam – having ended a drunken night out, a greasy kebab in hand, and doubts about his platonic relationships – his late-night dinner harbours a twisted surprise.