The Errant Moon is a dark fantasy series told from the perspective of three characters and when I say perspective I really mean straight from their minds and onto parchment. The idea is to convey each protagonist’s story through means of a notebook, a diary, and a thesis. The pages of each book will be added gradually and will one day form three complete tomes to read from start to finish. The Challenge is to really become these individuals in a manner of speaking, to allow their thoughts to appear convincing but ultimately be entertaining and informative to you, the reader. The featured character art was created by Lawrence V D M, an absolute wizard with harsh shadows and a pleasure to work with. But don’t take my word for it, check him out.

A little different from the other two, this text is written from the attitude of an alchemist. A conversation between a man of science and reason, and a man who has cheated death beyond measure.


The private chronicles of an ostracized half elf, from young girl to women. Follow her words as she steps into a strange relationship with an unlikely friend.


From a coastal city of the far eastern shores, this book depicts the investigative works of a youthful apprentice sleuth. A tale of noir and ambiguity.