About Alex

Welcome! My name is Alex Sergi and this is my online notebook of sorts where you will unearth what I’ve done, what I’m doing, my thoughts, my feelings and everything in between the colourful world of creative writing.

Screenplays in particular are a great fondness of mine, both reading them and writing them but you’ll find this relatively young site intends to explores the frantic mediums of blogging, fan fiction, novel writing, worldbuilding, filmmaking, photography and other assorted nonsense. Nevertheless, don’t let that deter you, take a glance.

When I’m not wearing the face of a man who’s left his self-esteem back home, I try to write as much as I can in what little time I can muster. I’m like a Jedi master of procrastinating and overthinking so producing any written material is considered a great feat to me. As well as my small contribution to the written world, I dabble in independent filmmaking and photography. Not that it means a lot these days but I have a bachelor’s degree in television and film production that in fairness offered a lot of insight into these vast and unforgiving industries.

I’ve a smidge of TV experience at a production assisting level but most of my experience comes from freelance videography and picture taking, here where I reside in the UK. They’re hobbies that occasionally become a living but ultimately, I graft a labour-intensive job to pay the rent, fill the fridge and maintain some grasp of reality. So I tell myself.

Recently I co-wrote a book with my younger brother which seemed like the highest achievement of my writing pastime, considering we can barely survive a car journey together. Though that would all depend on who is driving at the time. It was a refreshing practice with an equal number of ups and downs. As well as that, I’m currently writing my first feature screenplay. I’ve written many shorts of varying quality and have started three unfinished features but this is the first big project I’m finally getting done once and for all. Ideas come easy to me, sticking to one at a time does not. Until now.

I whole heartedly believe that writing, in all shapes and forms, is something every person is capable of so long as you’re alive. Because to live is to experience and through experience we conjure stories that are worth telling. Plus, writing helps boost memory apparently but if you do lose your mind, at least you’ll have something original to read.